Wednesday, 14 March 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 458

My desk is a shock, even to me this morning!
At the far end are the last of the sleeves for the dies that I've been cutting. The last of the des are in that yellow basket. Each cut has been sellotaped to the back of the die so that they are identifiable. I've photographed them and will upload them for sale when I'm feeling strong. The (over exposed) pile on the near right are already photographed. Right now, I want to tidy up and consider my next move. There's a scrapbook page waiting to be rescued from under the blue files, maybe I'll spend some time making that up as a reward!

On a point of order, there's a 9th WOYWW Anniversary looming. For heaven's sake! It will be week number 468 and that, I calculate, will fall on May 23rd. Shall we do an ATC swap again? If not, anybody want to suggest some other way of having some fun to mark another year of keeping in touch? Let me know!

Meanwhile, show us yer desks! Link here and we'll visit. Gimme a chance please, lots of visiting and miles to drive today!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 457

Well, after my previous post, Sue is sort of expecting a tidy desk. Don't look Sue, I've moved onto to something else, and it makes a mess!
This morning my desk speaks of die cutting. Among all the treasure that Mary left us is a large collection of QuicKutz dies. In order to sell them, I need references for them because they've been filed in QK pockets and folders rather than the original packaging that shows the font and patterns. So, I'm die cutting each one and sticking it on the back of the die. It also helps to double check that each set of numbers or alphabet is whole. I'm not using the Squeeze and cutting them one at a time - 8 dies at a time on the big shot plate is slightly more efficient. There's many to do, and I think this is the first time that most of them have been cut. Wow. So that's me, what are you doing?

Monday, 5 March 2018

Snow Days

In the UK, the last week has been horribly cold and snowy. We don't cope well with it. It doesn't happen often enough for tax pounds to be spent on the necessary amount of ploughing and blowing equipment that might be warehoused, unused, for years at a time. So the economy falters and lots and lots of us have Snow Days. And judging from my Facebook feed, lots and lots of us took the opportunity to be crafty. I did, even though I usually set aside the last week of the month for book keeping and other fascinating activities. I had that feeling you get when it's Christmas - everyone is on holiday, so I want to be too!
I did a couple of real LO's , then made up a couple of pocket pages with pictures from our trip last summer. We visited several National Parks and have a lot of pictures of rocks. Well, Canyons and such, but I think to anyone that hasn't been or experienced the size, the colour, the power of these places, they are just photos of rocks, lots of rocks!
 I also spent some time playing with my Scan&Cut. Something I need to do a lot more of, but am definitely happy to have it. It's not as intuitive as Cricut, believe me. Nor is the manual (online) a match for the machine in every case which is frustrating! The most frustrating part though is that each time I use it, I have to re-learn the icons and symbols! Ugh, memory!
Another advantage of these Snow Days has been that I've tidied up as I've finished. Yep. And yesterday, while it was still light I decided to do dome sorting and consolidating of stash. Namely alphabets and word stickers. Alphas into colour and size order and stickers all in one place. Next, I'm going to tackle gems and stick-on embellies, and then journaling cards and tags etc. I've got a right old bug for being at my desk, whether being 'creative' or being a tidy bug. I cannot explain, but I think it's part of my determination to use stuff. Because even Snow and freezing temperatures can't change really change me, can it?!

Friday, 2 March 2018

Bragging and Promoting

On Wednesdays, I am quite particular that people take part in WOYWW for reasons of community and not promotion of whatever they make, sell, believe. I don't think that I do a lot of promotion. Although blogging is in essence just that I guess. Anyway, I want to tell you about our daughter since she's grown up and left us.

She's been at University learning to be a Prop maker. The course has been quite amazing and from the parental perspective, looks like a lot of fun and creativity.

I've recorded quite a lot of her Uni days in scrapbook form, but not many of the actual work..doh! Prop making isn't just for theatre and film...think photographers, themed restaurants, bars, festivals, school d├ęcor, shop displays...endless list. Endless. Miss Dunnit has spent time learning puppet making, latex, glass, rubber and other moulding, carving, other woodworking, a bit of chemistry to make the fake blood and guts (yuk), welding and all sorts of imagination pricking skills. There's also been project management with a real commission to force a structure of quote, make, deliver; sticking to budgets and delivering on time are after all, a serious part of making a living in any creative industry.

Now, as the end of her course approaches, it's time to get serious and look for work. strength in numbers and strength in recognising that another person has a skill you haven't, has meant that she and several colleagues have formed a freelance collective. Great idea, one stop shopping for erm, objects!
I asked her that if I was to blog about the collective, (which has launched on Facebook) what should I say? Well, I'm going to quote her verbatim, because she doesn't need my editing 'help':
'We are a collective of freelance makers, with a wide range of skills that include scenic painting. At the moment we're doing soft prop and carpentry projects, and our approach is always the same: the aim is to make quality objects and to challenge the way our industry works; to make an effort to make it more responsible to the environment and to the people that work within it. We're the next generation of prop makers and we want to set new, high standards for ourselves and our industry'.

This won't be the last promotion you see on this blog. But it is very likely to be the one that I am most proud to do!

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 456

I took this photo on Tuesday afternoon because I was actually sitting at my desk doing something. Amazeballs. Earlier in the day we had made a delivery of a 12ft x 14ft oak frame to a barn conversion site. We had to 'hang' it on the side of the van and lash it and rope it and it was very very heavy and we got very very cold. So I came home afterwards, and thought my fingers would benefit from some crafty action to warm up!
I'm in card mode, having cleared up and  put away from some weekend scrapbooking. I don't know what's wrong with me, but it's making me do stuff, so it's all good! The shield shape is not a die, it's a cardboard frame which I glued to the turquoise paper to use as a journaling block on a scrapbook page. And then changed my mind, of course. It might be there for weeks. As you can see, I'm gently combining Pixie Powders (think pearlescent Brushos) with some foiling. Am in two minds about cream or Kraft card as the base for stamping the cat. Aren't these great sorts of decisions to be made? I much prefer them to having to decide what to cook for supper or whether I should be doing something work related.
Please show and tell, some of us will be kept indoors by harsh weather, so your inspiration is a vital lifeline! 

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 455

Its looking like a work in progress for a change! Last night's coke can is still there, sorry. Mind you, everything is from last night, so I probably should extend the apology! I cleared out a few drawers over the weekend and found some stray photos, entirely unrelated to each other. A couple I set on my desk to scrapbook, the others have gone into the proper place for photos. And then I thought...hey, instead of moving them around the desk till the next crop, why don't you just scrap them...each one will only take an hour. It took more than an hour, of course, for this, the first of them. The good thing is that in the cold light of today, I don't hate it and I haven't cocked up the colour matches too badly. Note the position of the lamp...only as high as it is because I had to raise it in order to get off the stool! So today, I will move on, but that probably doesn't mean tidy! 
Show and tell then, if I'm actually doing something, you surely are too....

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Save the Date/Make a Date

It's become a bit of a tradition that if possible, some of us meet and chat and eat for a day. Oh, and we craft a very little bit. We call it a Workdesk Crop.
A picture that has no relevance, but very pretty!
Last year was a great success. We moved the date for reasons I can't quite remember. We're sticking with September again this year, we're going to LA. Llandudno Again. Sorry, can't resist that joke and if you aren't familiar with TOGS, please ignore, forgive and read on!
Margaret is throwing open her arms and being our host again, on Saturday September 8th, from 10am to 4pm. There will be a charge to cover lunch and hall hire and as usual, we will raffle some gifts to raise money for Margaret's charity of choice. There is an up to date page accessible from the top of the blog to see further detail. It's a grand day out and Llandudno is a grand old Victorian seaside town, so if you can, please come!

I know that this post will prompt a lot of 'why so far away' type questions to a lot of Deskers. But it's not so far away for a lot of other Deskers. And if you want a closer-to-home gathering, perhaps you would indicate so and take on finding a hall and such stuff - after all there's several months before September, two Crops won't exactly be overdoing it from a meeting and chatting point of view!